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Discover unique saltwater invertebrates for your home aquarium. Saltwater reef inverts act as a “clean up crew”, eliminating excessive build up of algae, uneaten food, and waste in your reef tank. Browse our easy-to-care-for saltwater invertebrates for sale, or check out other reef creatures like our saltwater clams or anemone!

Meet the Cleanup Crew: Saltwater Invertebrates for Sale at Pacific East Aquaculture

Have you started to notice an unwelcome amount of algae, pests and uneaten food in your saltwater reef tank? It's likely a sign your aquatic ecosystem could use the specialized assistance of saltwater invertebrates. Thankfully, Pacific East Aquaculture offers an excellent selection of saltwater inverts for sale, each of which can benefit the health of your tank. Saltwater inverts are beautiful and amazing creatures that work tirelessly around the clock to maintain the cleanliness and balance of your reef aquarium, all without disturbing the delicate harmony between coral, fish, clams and other marine life.

Dive into our diverse selection of invertebrates for sale today and discover how these gorgeous creatures can transform your reef tank into a cleaner, more vibrant underwater sanctuary. Whether you're drawn to the functional beauty of our cleanup crew or the sheer diversity of our stock, Pacific East Aquaculture is your premier destination for high-quality marine life.

Explore Our Diverse Selection of Saltwater Inverts

Pacific East Aquaculture is home to all saltwater invertebrates, each with a unique role within the marine ecosystem. This section gives you a comprehensive overview of the most popular saltwater invertebrates for sale in our stock, highlighting their benefits and how they can enhance your saltwater aquarium's ecological balance and visual appeal.

Crabs: The Essential Cleanup Crew

Our selection of crabs offers a variety of reef-safe scavengers that excel in maintaining tank cleanliness. These hardworking invertebrates feast on leftover food, algae and detritus, which is crucial in nutrient control and preventing algae overgrowth. Crabs are also some of the most easily pleased saltwater inverts to keep in a tank and generally will thrive as long as there's enough food for them to scavenge. However, you can always supplement their diet with nori if they've been doing too good of a job cleaning your tank.

Snails: Algae-Eating Specialists

Pacific East Aquaculture prides itself on providing a wide array of herbivorous snails, each skilled in algae management. These natural grazers are invaluable for their relentless appetite for algae, offering a natural solution to keep your aquarium clean and healthy. While they are hardy and low-maintenance, it is essential to acclimate them properly to your tank's water chemistry and salinity to ensure their health and effectiveness as part of your aquarium's ecosystem.

Shrimp: Colorful Companions With a Purpose

Our shrimp invertebrates for sale are a delight to observe and are known for their beneficial scavenging behavior. These saltwater invertebrates seamlessly integrate into the aquarium community, feeding on uneaten food and detritus – some even specialize in parasite control. Their periodic molting process is a unique aspect of their care, requiring them to hide temporarily as they grow a new exoskeleton. Providing stable water quality and consistent saltwater parameters is key to nurturing these vibrant and useful inhabitants.

Starfish: Ecosystem Balancers With Striking Appearances

Starfish, or sea stars, are among the most captivating and beneficial inhabitants you can introduce to your saltwater aquarium. At Pacific East Aquaculture, our selection of starfish encompasses various species, each bringing its unique charm and practical benefits to the marine environment. Starfish are known for their diet, which often includes uneaten food, detritus and decaying organics, helping to keep the tank clean and balanced.

Feather Dusters: Nature's Artistic Filter Feeders

Feather Dusters, also known as fan worms, are a fascinating addition to any reef aquarium. Their presence ensures a cleaner environment by feeding on suspended particles without causing any harm to corals or other tank inhabitants. Their unique appearance and beneficial feeding habits make them a must-have for aquarium enthusiasts seeking beauty and functionality.

Each species of saltwater invert we offer at Pacific East Aquaculture is carefully chosen for its potential to add beauty and balance to your marine aquarium. By incorporating these invertebrates into your ecosystem, you're not just enhancing the visual appeal of your habitat; you're also investing in its health and longevity.

Take a Look In Our Tanks

If you want to see inside the Pacific East Aquaculture facilities, watch this short video showing off our Banded Serpent Starfish. These are some of our favorite saltwater inverts for sale in our stock; see why.

Frequently Asked Questions: Saltwater Invertebrates

If you have questions about the saltwater invertebrates for sale from our licensed facility, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

How Do I Acclimate Saltwater Invertebrates to My Tank?

Acclimate saltwater invertebrates slowly to your tank's conditions to minimize stress. A standard method is drip acclimation, which gradually introduces tank water to the invertebrate's current environment over 45-60 minutes, allowing it to adjust to the water chemistry and temperature.

How Do I Choose the Right Saltwater Inverts for My Tank?

Choosing the right saltwater inverts for your reef aquarium depends on several factors, including your tank's size, the existing inhabitants and your aquarium's specific needs. Research each species' care requirements, compatibility with other tank mates and their role in the ecosystem.

What Should I Do if My Saltwater Inverts Are Not Thriving?

If your saltwater inverts are not thriving, check your water quality for any parameters out of the ideal range, such as ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH and salinity levels. Ensure they receive appropriate nutrition and that their habitat suits their specific needs.

Shop Saltwater Invertebrates for Sale at Pacific East Aquaculture

Explore our diverse and vibrant selection of saltwater invertebrates for sale here at Pacific East Aquaculture today. We've been a Maryland-certified and licensed coral aquaculture facility since 2000, providing our customers with sustainably propagated coral and marine life to keep their tanks thriving. This is our passion! Embrace the opportunity to contribute to a healthier marine ecosystem and enhance the beauty of your aquarium. Choose Pacific East Aquaculture for your saltwater inverts and join our mission to foster a brighter future for reef keeping.