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We Travel to the source

Imagine flying to the other side of the globe to an exotic location to personally hand-pick amazing corals, anemones, fish, and other incredible livestock from the world’s largest aquaculture facilities. Dr. Mac actually travels to our coral farming partners in Indonesia—that’s right, many times every year he goes to exotic locations to bring back the best of the best which is what makes Pacific East Aquaculture unique amongst the rest.Dr. Mac has also set up coral and clam farms in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific and in French Polynesia, he has met with the President of French Polynesia and legislature to change local laws to allow for export of cultured marine ornamentals. We have close personal relationships with a network of coral farmers and collectors. We also sell wholesale and supply many online and brick and mortar stores across the nation. Dr. Mac personally hand-picks for us and many stores on his international coral hunting journeys.  

To read more on our travels to the source check out Dr. Mac's Blog post.