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Aquarium Macro Algae

Find high-quality macroalgae for sale to suit any aquarium setup from Pacific East Aquaculture. Chaetomorpha, Ulva, Caulerpa, rooted plants, Halimeda, Gracilaria, and more.

Macroalgae comes in many different shapes and colors, from delicate, feathery fronds to robust, leafy structures. Our macroalgae is carefully grown and maintained to ensure it is free of harmful pests and pollutants. It can also help to reduce nitrates and phosphates in your aquarium, which can improve water quality and reduce the risk of algae blooms.

Browse our selection of macroalgae today and add a vibrant and beneficial component to your aquarium!

Browse our beautiful selection of aquarium algae. Our macro algae are perfect for your refugium, sump, or tank. Macro algae aquarium species make a fantastic addition because they help to remove excess nutrients and give shelter for certain fish. We offer aquarium macro algae including Red Berries Botryocladia, Caulerpa Prolifera, and more!  Purchase macroalgae for sale from Pacific East Aquaculture.