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Internship Programs and education
Intern at Pacific East Aquaculture
At Pacific East Aquaculture we are dedicated to sustainable aquaculture and to educating and helping hobbyists in every possible way to become successful at keeping corals and other marine life in their home aquariums. We offer free advice and have over 50 years of experience in keeping marine aquariums. As the hobby and equipment evolve we are also constantly learning and since there is no totally right or wrong way in this hobby to achieve the same end goal we are always open to honest dialog and welcome your input, questions, and comments. 
We partner with Salisbury University, part of the University of Maryland system, and offer for credit internships organized through the Biology department. Some of these interns have gone on to work for us and others have completed research projects under our supervision or assistance. We also offer hands-on experience for home school kids.

We are a certified education partner with Salisbury University a local college that is part of the University of Maryland system. Interns from the university work on diverse research projects at our facility for graduation credits. They also work at our facility gaining valuable life and business experience. Some are already hobbyists when they join us, but many have never kept an aquarium and the spark is strong once they see firsthand the wonders of our underwater world. Over the years we have also accepted home school children as interns. This is an especially rewarding experience for us and them as they learn and often teach us about a vast array of subjects.

We love sharing our years of experience and knowledge, but also fully realize that we are also constantly learning too and therefore we are very open to new and different ways of keeping our livestock healthy and thriving. Some interns have taken on specific research projects with us and made some useful discoveries. They have made poster and oral presentations of their findings and written papers about their work. Who knows, some day one of them may discover some currently unknown extract from a coral that may help treat or cure cancer or other disease-the possibilities are limitless and exciting. We love working with our interns and encourage other students to contact us for future internships, become part of our world!

Educating Future Hobbyists

Dr. Mac’s experience and passion for this hobby is now transferring to a new generation. We regularly host tours of our facility by groups of children from local schools and scouting organizations. Dr. Mac is a regular presenter to a variety of local organizations from elementary schools to senior groups. They are truly fascinated by our story and the reef keeping hobby. We have been featured in local newspapers and other publications. We love creating an interest in reef keeping and our amazing macro and micro worlds of the reef. The detailed interactions and colors of our reef aquariums are very stimulating for children and adults alike and seeing their eyes widen as they interact in the touch tanks we set up during tours or answering a hour or more of questions from a group of seniors is always rewarding and encouraging to know we are doing all we can to create an interest in and sometimes a new generation of reef keepers!

Over the years we have been sponsors of many local marine aquarium clubs and regularly sponsor and attend frag swaps and other reef aquarium related events. We strongly encourage every hobbyist serious about this hobby to join and participate actively in your local club. 
For many years we have given tours of our facility and promoted the hobby to youth and senior groups as well as many other groups including aquarium clubs. These tours and hands-on programs are free please contact us for more details.

If you are part of a local group please contact us about scheduling a tour or presentation by Dr. Mac. We would really love to hear from you!

For information on scheduling a tour email events@pacificeastaquaculture.com

If you are interested in our internship program and would like more information please email internship@pacificeastaquaculture.com