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Coral and Clam Farming

Dr Mac in Tahiti

We are dedicated to sustainable propagation of corals and clams. The future of our hobby is here now and it's all about sustainable aquaculture!

Dr. Mac has helped set up farms in several locations around the world. As the saying goes, talk is cheap. We actually have been to the locations and set up farms for sustainable culture. Plus, our Maryland facility is a state licensed coral aquaculture facility. We grow thousands of frags annually and have hundreds of PEA exclusive corals growing in our systems for multiple generations. New corals are added to build the genetic diversity vital to long term success. Our model is to grow corals in a sustainable manner at the source and to utilize those maricultured corals to sustain our aquaculture facility here in Maryland.

For more detailed information on our farming efforts please check out Dr. Mac's blog posts.