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Saltwater Algae Eater Invert Kits

Order saltwater algae eaters from Pacific East Aquaculture. Including algae eaters in your aquarium set up is vital for maintaining the health of your reef. Our “clean up crews” are unique to us and unlike anything that you’ll find online. You can choose to purchase inverts individually, or buy one of our packages of aquarium algae eaters. We have invert kits for several types of problem algae, along with basic starter packages for your saltwater tank. Shop our selection of algae eaters for sale today!

Leave Problem Algae In the Past With Saltwater Algae Eaters

Pacific East Aquaculture is your go-to destination for high-quality saltwater algae eaters and invert clean-up crews. Algae growth in reef aquariums is a constant and significant concern for hobbyists. Waste, excess food and detritus can quickly turn things into a breeding ground for annoying algae, which can ruin the look and health of your tank. That's why we offer reef-safe aquarium algae eaters for nearly any type of problem algae. Aquarium algae eaters are a group of invertebrates that are added to your tank to do what they do best: clean up without harming your corals or other tank inhabitants.

Algae eaters for sale from Pacific East Aquaculture mimic the natural food chain in the ocean. From the unsightly green film of microalgae on the glass to the fleshy, vine-like macroalgae that grow over rockwork and smother corals, algae eaters for small tanks are essential to ridding your tank of harmful algae blooms. And by adding a clean-up crew to your tank, you're not only replicating what happens in nature, but you're also giving yourself some exciting and unique additions to your aquarium.

Pacific East Aquaculture's invert kits consist of a variety of saltwater algae eaters and cleaners, including snails, crabs, urchins and starfish. These little guys are experts at consuming leftover food, fish waste, detritus and algae in all those tricky-to-reach areas that your typical filtration, maintenance and gravel vacuum can't touch. Trust us to provide the best selection of reef-safe algae eaters to help maintain your tank's health and beauty.

Common Types of Saltwater Algae & Aquarium Algae Eaters

Combatting an algae problem requires some knowledge about the specific type of algae you're dealing with, how they develop and what saltwater tank algae eaters can help eliminate them. Here's a brief guide to help you identify and address some common types of algae:

  • Diatoms: These are brown algae that typically appear in newly cycled tanks. While unsightly, they are harmless and feed off silicates. They can cover sand, rocks, pumps and glass but can be removed manually or using aquarium algae eaters like Astrea and Nerite snails.
  • Dinoflagellates: Also known as brown slime algae, this algae can release toxins and kill sensitive saltwater algae eaters like snails. Eliminating them requires a multi-prong approach involving granular activated carbon, black-out periods, raising pH, reduced feedings and manual removal. It's a severe outbreak that should not be taken lightly.
  • Film Algae: This common algae grows due to nutrients in the tank and is not harmful, just unsightly. Algae eaters for small tanks, such as Cerith snails and Red-Leg hermits, are perfect for controlling film algae.
  • Red Slime (Cyanobacteria): Although often called algae, red slime is bacteria that commonly pop up in newer tanks. While not harmful to fish, it harms coral colonies, especially soft corals. Nutrient control is key to managing this algae.
  • Hair Algae: This algae thrives on high levels of phosphates and nitrates in the tank. It can be controlled and virtually eliminated with good maintenance practices and saltwater tank algae eaters like Astrea snails.
  • Bubble Algae: Usually introduced as a hitchhiker from purchased live rock or corals, bubble algae can be prevented by carefully inspecting rock and coral purchases. Certain saltwater fish, such as blennies, can help control it if it does appear.

Frequently Asked Questions: Saltwater Algae Eaters for Sale at Pacific East Aquaculture

If you have any questions or want to learn more information about saltwater algae eaters, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Do You Have to Acclimate Aquarium Algae Eaters?

Yes! The acclimation of aquarium algae eaters is critical. All saltwater algae eaters for sale from Pacific East Aquaculture are very sensitive to changes in salinity and must be drip acclimated to match the salinity of your aquarium for optimal health.

When Can I Add Algae Eaters for Small Tanks?

We recommend adding algae eaters for small tanks once your tank has cycled completely. Adding any saltwater algae eaters before this time may expose them to deadly ammonia or nitrite.

Where Should I Place Saltwater Algae Eaters In My Tank?

Saltwater algae eaters, like most inverts, should be placed at the bottom of your tank. They will independently travel throughout your reef over time.

Shop Saltwater Algae Eaters for Sale Today

Don't settle for subpar algae eaters and clean-up crews that may harm your beloved tank inhabitants. Choose Pacific East Aquaculture for the best selection of reef-safe and effective saltwater algae eaters. With our expertise and commitment to quality, you can trust us to provide you with the right critters to keep your tank looking its best. From diatoms to film algae, we have a range of clean-up crew options to keep your tank free from unsightly and harmful algae. Shop our algae eater invert kits today and see the difference our products and service can make for your saltwater aquarium.