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Shipping Policy

We employ only the finest packing and shipping methods that we have developed over the past 19 years so your order arrives in the safest and most timely manner possible. We personally deliver our orders to UPS to lessen any additional handling.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $399.99

Live Rock Not Included

Livestock Orders From $149.99-$399.99

$39.99 Flat Rate Shipping
All livestock orders are shipped at a flat rate of $39.99 for Priority Overnight shipping.  

There is a $16 fee for Saturday delivery. 

$19.99 Shipping Rate For Zone 1 Customers under $150

$9.99 Shipping Rate for Zone 1 Customers Over $150
This applies to orders shipped Monday through Thursday for delivery Tuesday through Friday. Saturday delivery is not available via Ground shipping.

UPS guarantees 1 day delivery within this zone, but cannot guarantee delivery by a specific time of day. For our live arrival guarantee to remain in effect on Ground shipments, your order must be Held for Pickup at a UPS Customer Center and picked up from that center before 12 noon. Most Customer Centers open by 9AM for pickup. If you select a location that does not open before noon we will advise you and ask that you pick another location. Zone 1 includes all of Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey, and parts of New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. If your zip code is in our Zone 1 delivery range it will show a UPS Customer Center choice when you check out.
Zone 1 shipping is not recommended during the 2 weeks prior to Christmas, as UPS drops their 1 Day Zone 1 Ground guarantee during this time.
We strongly recommend that you have your package held for your pick up at the local UPS center rather than delivered to your home. This greatly reduces the stress to your animals, lessening temperature abuse and rough handling. Acropora corals are especially sensitive to shipping stresses, we strongly recommend that when you order these corals that you have the package held for pick up at the local UPS facility. You may pick up held packages after 9AM at most UPS locations, and all Hold for Pickup shipments must be picked up by 12 noon for our live arrival guarantee to remain in effect.
All shipping fees are per box. In the rare event that your shipment requires more than one box, you will be notified before the shipment goes out.
Due to the higher cost of shipping orders going to remote areas such as Alaska or other areas not serviced by next day delivery times, we will have to apply a surcharge depending on the total cost of shipping, also on orders that are excessively heavy we have the right to apply a surcharge for the additional weight. Please contact us for the exact amount. Sorry, we do not ship to Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

Livestock Orders Under $149.99

$79.99 Overnight
$19.99 Zone One

Shipping on Live Rock:

For 'shipping included' live rock, the shipping fee is included in the price of the rock. If the rock is included in a mixed order with other items or livestock, the other items will ship separately from the rock and you will still pay regular shipping on the other items. 

Shipping on Dry Goods:

Other than small items combined with a livestock order are shipped UPS Ground Service and charged at actual cost for shipping. Small dry good orders such as glue, T-shirts, etc. can be added to the box and shipped with your livestock order at no additional cost.
Please read our Guarantee Policy Page for information on our guarantee.