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Guarantee Policy

We offer a 100% worry-free live arrival guarantee


We ship with UPS which has been a very reliable company for us for many years but sometimes problems do occur so to provide added “peace of mind” for our customers we have decided to utilize the UPS Capital insurance program that protects your package from any mishandling or weather delays from the moment it leaves our facility until the arrival at your location. We also offer another insurance tier "Route" that you can take advantage of that will cover anything that UPS does not cover. Orders over $1000 are put in a special category that provides added security on the items.

In the event of a delay that leads to a DOA please follow the normal procedures listed below to secure the ability for us to file a claim with UPS. If this is not done we cannot cover your losses. We incur all costs for this program as a benefit to our customers.

OK, but what if my livestock arrives on time but is DOA?

Don’t Worry, Live Arrival is Guaranteed!

It is rare for anything to arrive dead. If anything arrives dead, or if the coral looks extremely stressed and you are worried that it will not survive, please send us within 3 hours of delivery a clear photo of the coral in the bag. If you are trying to save the animal we would also require a photo of it in your tank. Once you do this you are in our guarantee window and this coral will be covered in the event that it does not survive within the next 3 days. We can then examine the photo you have sent and offer some advice on how to handle the animal. Remember: to be in our guarantee window you must have followed this procedure of sending us clear close up photos within 3 hours of arrival at your location or from the time the package is available at UPS if you are having the package held for pick up.

Delivery time is determined by time stamp by UPS, if held for pick up delivery time is considered when package is first available to be picked up.

Send photos to: corals@pacificeastaquaculture.com

Why Do We Require A Photo within 3 hours?

We require a photo to make sure that the coral is being evaluated correctly. There have been times when customers unfamiliar with a specific species assumes the coral is DOA or stressed. By sending a photo we can quickly diagnose the situation and provide assistance if possible. Another issue we have encountered is delays in package pick up. The vast majority of our customers are very conscious of the importance of handling the animals correctly but unfortunately we have found that sometimes people pick their order up and hold the item unopened for long periods of time which can lead to additional stresses if the animal is not being handled correctly. To keep the animals safe and healthy we require this time frame so they can be tanked as soon as possible. And most importantly, to keep our insurance in place with UPS we need to document every DOA by having a clear photo and email correspondence from the customer.

Please Note

  1. We do not offer any guarantee if you provide us with an incorrect address.
  2. We do everything possible to get the photos to look exactly like they appear in our systems, but with digital technology and the vast array of lighting in different tanks it is impossible to guarantee an exact color match. Some of our livestock is sold with WYSIWYG photos - What You See Is What You Get. This means that the item photographed is the item that will be sent to you and represents the item as it appeared in our systems as accurately as possible at the time the photo was taken. But please remember corals grow and colors can shift over time so there could be shifts of color and shape on the coral you receive.
  3. You must accept delivery on the first attempt by the delivery company and acclimate all livestock into your tank within 3 hours of delivery. We do not offer any guarantee on livestock that has not been accepted on the first delivery attempt and that has been sitting in the box longer than 3 hours after delivery. If livestock is delivered to another location than where your tank is located, we will not guarantee any losses due to the animals sitting in the box longer than 3 hours beyond delivery.
  4. Zone 1 ground shipping of livestock is only guaranteed if sent as hold for your pickup. If not held for pick-up these ground service deliveries may ride around on the truck until late at night before delivery, so we ask that you pick up at the UPS center. We will provide the UPS address and pick-up hours when we contact you to confirm your order.
  5. If you are issued a credit for a loss we will ship you a replacement on your next order. We will only ship replacements/credits one time. In the unlikely event of a problem with reshipped items, we are not able to offer replacement or credit a second time. Shipping is charged on all orders including replacements.
  6. If for whatever reason you refuse delivery of an order without authorization from us this voids all rights to a refund on that order or credit on a future order.
  7.  We will gladly hold orders for future shipping. It is your responsibility to let us know when you are ready to receive your order. Orders held over 30 days are non refundable and you will be issued a gift certificate if you wish to cancel.


We do not offer any guarantee for items purchased at our retail store or at frag swaps because you have the opportunity to examine all stock in person at those locations and we have no responsibility for how livestock is handled after it leaves our tanks.

Wholesale orders are not covered by any guarantee. 

Dry Goods

Any warranty issues must be dealt with the manufacturer directly. We do not do repairs or warranty work. We do not accept returned dry goods that have been opened and used unless there is a manufacturer defect.  In that case you will be directed to the manufacturer directly for warranty service. Any return of dry goods must be done so with a Return Authorization Number that you will receive when you call us regarding your issue. Do not simply return a dry good item without notifying us or you will void any guarantee. We are not responsible for any damage caused by shipping companies or incurred during shipping and handling. Credits for this reason must be directed to UPS directly.

Site Content/Typographical Errors/Pricing

We will not be responsible for typographical errors, accuracy of information contained on this site, or any pricing errors. If a price is listed in error we reserve the right to cancel any sale. We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason.


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