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Live Saltwater Anemone

Introduce live saltwater anemone to your home aquarium! A relative to coral, these soft-bodied invertebrates are recommended for people with moderate to expert level experience with saltwater tanks, as most are aggressive and require a high level of care.  Browse our selection of live anemone for sale, or check out other reef creatures like our tridacna clams or saltwater inverts!

The sea anemones for sale from Pacific East Aquaculture are some of the most fascinating creatures we carry. They’re beautiful in appearance, and some can grow to become some of the largest creatures in your tank, and are often revered for their symbiotic relationship with clownfish. However, sea anemones are also among the more challenging specimens to keep, with many requiring specific conditions and moderate, difficult or even expert levels of care. We also must stress that not all sea anemones for sale in our shop are natural hosts to clownfish, and not all clownfish naturally associate with all host anemone species. That being said, when you buy an anemone and provide it with the proper level of care, it will surely be one of the most captivating creatures to grace your tank and will provide you with endless enjoyment and an unmatched sense of fulfillment. If you’re ready to shoulder the responsibility of caring for a sea anemone, browse our full selection below.

When purchasing a sea anemone for sale from Pacific East Aquaculture, it's essential to understand all you can about these magnificent creatures. Sea anemones are soft-bodied invertebrates related to corals and jellyfish and are highly predatory. The anemone is sometimes known as a terrestrial flower due to its strange but beautiful appearance and generally consists of tentacles atop the underside of an adhesive foot. A sea anemone will often wander around a tank until it finds a suitable place to settle. Pacific East Aquaculture offers rock anemones, mini carpet anemones as well as host anemones, all raised in our state-licensed aquaculture facility. It's important to note that sea anemones often look rough immediately after shipping from Pacific East Aquaculture. However, with some time and proper acclimation, the majority will quickly recover and be as healthy as ever.

How to Care for Your Sea Anemone

As mentioned, sea anemones are some of the most challenging creatures to care for in a tank. They require strong lighting to thrive and quickly die if the lighting is inadequate to obtain essential nutrients. A moderate to intense water flow is desirable so the anemone can absorb oxygen directly from the water and gather food. Sea anemones should only be introduced to mature tanks (recommended at least 8-10 months) because stable water quality is essential for their survival. The tank's water quality should be very high; your water should be clear and free from debris that can accumulate in your tank. A stable temperature, stable alkalinity and high levels of dissolved oxygen are required for sea anemones. Many sea anemones can become large, requiring large amounts of space and food to be comfortable. Be sure you have properly researched the sea anemone you want to purchase to be sure you can accommodate its full adult size.

Predatory Instincts

Not only are sea anemones extremely picky when it comes to their tank conditions, but they can also be quite dangerous to both humans and other tank inhabitants. Most species of sea anemones are highly aggressive and are equipped with powerful stingers that may not bode well with other inhabitants and those attempting to handle them. Small fish and invertebrates that blunder into an anemone are likely to end up paralyzed or even dead. They also are carnivorous creatures and can easily consume small fish and inverts, so be sure you've appropriately researched if your tank inhabitants are compatible with the sea anemone of your choice. Always be extremely careful with where you choose to place the anemone in your reef tank.