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Amazing Acropora FragsAcropora for Sale

Add acropora frags to your saltwater reef aquarium and enjoy the vibrant colors this SPS type coral has to offer! Available in a variety of colors, this diverse group of corals requires a moderate to advanced level of reef care experience. Our selection of acropora for sale does best mid tank or higher, with strong, random water flow and moderate to intense lighting. Acropora frags are typically easy to frag and ideal for propagation. Shop our incredible selection of acropora frags for sale today! We offer Table Acropora frags for sale, Staghorn Acropora frags for sale, Branching Acropora frags for sale, Rainbow Acropora frags for sale for your reef aquarium.

Just Added  to Sale Amazing Acroporas!

Browse our selection of amazing Acropora coral for sale! Acropora coral are part of the reef building corals. They are a fantastic sea species. Our Acropora colonies and frags for sale come in a variety of neon colors and interesting shapes. Checkout our Pink Table Acropora frags, Rainbow Flames Acropora, and more! Transform your aquarium with our Acropora coral colonies and frags for sale.