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WYSIWYG Coral Frags

Buy WYSIWYG coral frags at Pacific East Aquaculture! As a state licensed coral aquaculture facility, we sustainably grow thousands of rare frags each year. Each of our WYSIWYG coral have been lovingly cared for and grown in our Maryland facility. Our selection of reef frags include soft corals, LPS corals and SPS corals in all colors of the rainbow! You won’t find a selection like this anywhere else online. When you want to find healthy, thriving coral frags for sale, look no further than Pacific East Aquaculture!

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Quick Tips for Caring for Your WYSIWYG Coral Frags

While every coral frag is different and their care can change from species to species, there are several quick tips for WYSIWYG coral care we can offer. You’ll need adequate lighting to start; it can range from moderate to intense. Different species of unique coral frags require different lighting, and some can begin to bleach if the lighting is not correct — others change colors if the lighting isn’t strong enough. Water quality is something else to consider. Some coral frags thrive better in ‘dirty’ water in which they can absorb nutrients to feed. Other types prefer cleaner tanks where proper chemical balances ensure good skeletal growth. Finally, be sure you have the proper water flow for your coral frag. Certain species of unique coral frags only require moderate water flow to clean detritus from settling on their polyps, while others thrive in strong water flow. All in all, we recommend you do your research on aggressiveness, water flow, lighting requirements and water quality when you purchase WYSIWYG coral from Pacific East Aquaculture.

What Separates Dr. Mac's Corals from the Rest?

Pacific East Aquaculture has been a state-licensed coral aquaculture facility since the year 2000. Reefkeeping and superior customer service have been our passion for over 20 years. Owned and operated by Dr. Mac, a retired board-certified veterinary pathologist with more than 45 years of experience in the field. That’s why we’re confident that Dr. Mac’s corals are some of the healthiest, most cared for WYSIWYG coral frags in the community.