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BYO Coral Frag Packs

Cultivate your reef with BYO coral frag packs! Choose your frags from our collection of soft corals, LPS corals, and SPS corals, all cultivated and cared for in our state licensed facility in Maryland. Start building your own frag packs today - BOGO - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! Interested in more additions to your reef? Check out our saltwater clams, anemones, or reef inverts for sale.

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Customize Your Tank With Our Coral Frag Packs

Give your aquarium the personalization and diversity it deserves with our Build Your Own coral frag packs. At Pacific East Aquaculture, we understand that each aquarium uniquely expresses its owner's vision. That's why we've created a special opportunity for you to tailor your very own coral frag pack to your needs and aesthetic desires. Our diverse selection of easy-to-keep coral frags ensures you'll find the perfect pieces to complement your reef aquarium. From vibrant, eye-catching varieties to subtle, elegant forms, our Build Your Own coral frag packages are ideal for your reef aquarium.

And here's the best part – you unlock incredible value as you build your dream coral frag pack. With our exclusive offer, you get the second at 50% off when you purchase one coral frag. This deal makes expanding your coral collection more affordable and invites you to explore a wider range of options. Start building your personalized frag pack today and bring the dynamic beauty of the ocean into your home.

Discover the Quality and Variety of Our Coral Frags

When you browse our coral frags, you'll find an incredible amount of diversity. With more than 100 available frags for your Build Your Own coral frag packs, you're sure to find the perfect species to thrive in your tank.

Variety That Captivates

Our Build Your Own coral frag pack collection boasts a spectrum of species, each with unique charm and character. From the radiant hues of Favias to the mesmerizing patterns of Montiporas, our range includes popular favorites and rare finds. This diversity ensures that no matter your preference, you'll find frags that resonate with your vision. Paired with clams, anemones, reef fish and invertebrates your tank will catch the eye of all who step into the room.

Quality You Can Trust

We understand that the health and vitality of your aquarium are essential. That's why each coral frag is meticulously cared for, ensuring they are visually stunning, robust and healthy. Our frags are conditioned to adapt seamlessly to well-kept aquarium environments, making them a perfect choice for novice and experienced aquarists.

Easy to Keep, Visually Striking

Our frag packs don't compromise on aesthetics. Even the simplest of tanks can be transformed into a vibrant underwater landscape with the right selection of coral frags. Their resilience and low maintenance needs make them an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the beauty of marine life without extensive upkeep.

Enhance Your Aquarium's Appeal

Incorporating Build Your Own coral frag packs into your tank is more than just adding color and life; it's about creating an ecosystem that thrives and captivates. Whether you're aiming for a tranquil, minimalist look or a dynamic, colorful reef, our frags provide the building blocks for an aquarium that reflects your style and the wonders of the marine world.

As you build your coral frag pack, remember that each piece you select is not just a fragment of coral but a fragment of the ocean's beauty, ready to flourish in your care.

The Benefits of Coral Diversity in Your Aquarium

Creating a diverse coral ecosystem in your aquarium is not just about aesthetic enhancement; it plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and balanced marine habitat. While we must stress the importance of purchasing compatible coral frags, it is possible to keep multiple species in your tank (as long as you're careful about placement.)

Here are some of the benefits of incorporating diverse coral frag packs into your tank:

  • Ecological Balance: Corals are much more than mere decorative elements; they are vital to the ecological balance of marine environments. Different types of corals contribute to a more stable and balanced ecosystem in an aquarium. For instance, some species in your coral frag pack can be efficient at filtering and purifying water, while others can provide essential nutrients or aid in the cycling of nitrogen compounds. This diversity helps in creating a self-sustaining ecosystem that mirrors the natural balance found in the ocean.
  • Habitat for Marine Life: Corals provide shelter and breeding grounds for a variety of marine organisms. In a diverse coral environment, fish and invertebrates can find suitable niches and hiding spots, crucial for their well-being and stress reduction. This can lead to more natural behaviors and a healthier life for the aquarium's inhabitants.
  • Visual Appeal and Interest: Aesthetically, a diverse coral arrangement offers a visually dynamic and engaging aquarium. Different corals come in various forms, textures and colors, creating a captivating underwater landscape. This diversity makes the aquarium more pleasing to the eye and can also be a point of interest and education about the wide variety of life in ocean ecosystems.
  • Improved Water Quality: Corals play a significant role in maintaining water quality. Many corals, especially those with symbiotic algae (zooxanthellae), are involved in photosynthesis, which helps regulate water oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. This process is essential for maintaining a healthy pH level and overall water quality, which benefits all tank inhabitants.
  • Stress Reduction for Inhabitants: Research has shown that a well-structured environment with ample hiding places and visual barriers can significantly reduce stress in aquarium fish. A diverse coral landscape provides these necessary features, creating a more comfortable and less stressful environment for the aquarium's inhabitants.

By choosing a variety of corals for your coral frag pack, you're contributing to a healthier, more balanced and ecologically sound underwater environment. This approach benefits the aquatic life within your tank and offers a more fulfilling and engaging experience for you as an aquarist.

Frequently Asked Questions: Coral Frag Packs

If you have any questions or want to learn more about coral frag packs from Pacific East Aquaculture, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

How Do I Choose the Right Coral Frag Pack for My Aquarium?

When selecting a coral frag pack, consider your tank's conditions (like lighting, flow and water chemistry) and the compatibility of the corals with your existing marine life. Opt for a pack that matches your experience level and the environmental needs of your tank.

Are Coral Frag Packs Suitable for Beginners?

Absolutely! Most species available for coral frag packs are chosen with beginners in mind, featuring easy-to-care-for corals. These packs are a great way to learn about coral care and acclimation. We recommend starting with hardy species that are less sensitive to environmental fluctuations.

How Do I Acclimate My Coral Frags to My Aquarium?

Proper acclimation is crucial for the health of your coral frag pack. Start by floating the sealed bag in your aquarium to equalize the temperature. Then, gradually introduce small amounts of tank water into the bag over an hour or more to adjust the frags to your tank's water conditions. Finally, gently place the frags in the tank, ideally using coral glue or mounts for stability.

Build Your Own Coral Frag Packs Today

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your aquarium into a vibrant marine oasis. Build your coral frag pack now and give your tank the color, diversity and intrigue it deserves. Each selection you make is a step towards creating an underwater landscape that is uniquely yours, teeming with color and life. Whether you're a seasoned aquarist or just starting, our coral frags are poised to bring new dimensions of beauty and balance to your aquatic haven. Don't wait – build your own coral frag packs at Pacific East Aquaculture today.