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I S0901

Strawberry Conch

Strombus luhuanus
Size: Approx 1-1.25 inches
Diet:Cyanobacteria, diatoms
Reef Safe: Yes
Best Use: Sandbed cleaning


Dr. Mac's Comments:
Strawberry conchs live in sand beds and eat Cyanobacteria and Diatoms predominately. They are excellent for keeping sand beds clean. They have a colorful shell that will be a nice addition to your sandbed. They are hardy and long lived in the average reef aquarium.
These will help control Cyano and diatoms on your sand bed in two ways. They stir the very top of the sand without disturbing deeper and they eat Cyano and diatoms.  Increased water flow in your tank and use of a phosphate remover may also help rid your tank of cyano/diatom growth and that combined with the aid of several strawberry conchs will put you well on your way to a healthy and beautifully clean sand bed.