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Saltwater Wild Collected Fish

We now offer quarantined and fully treated wild-collected fish. They are treated and quarantined for a minimum of 4 weeks and are housed in an isolated system that is separate from our tank-raised fish system.
We acquire these fish from our trusted suppliers that we receive directly from the collectors that we have done business with for years. There are no wholesalers or middlemen involved and this means less handling and therefore less stress to the fish.
All fish are housed, quarantined, and treated at our facility exclusively. We do not drop ship from wholesalers or other suppliers.
Upon receiving we do a freshwater dip. We treat with copper, metronidazole, praziquantil, and antibiotics as needed and utilize low salinity in individual isolated tanks. They are shipped in normal salinity saltwater, approximately 1.025-1.027. Every fish is healthy before shipping and we offer our standard live arrival guarantee. We do not guarantee compatibility of any one fish with any other nor can we guarantee reef compatibility because every fish has a distinct personality.