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I 1063

Mated Pair Coral Banded Shrimp

Stenopus hispidus
Size: Approx 1.25-2 inches
Dr. Mac's Comments:
Mated pair of Coral Banded Shrimp are a nice addition to any reef aquarium. Larger than the golds and somewhat more agressive, it is generally best not to mix them with other shrimp especially in a smaller tank. They are excellent scavengers and do well in reef aquariums if they are fed regularly.  Will eat Bristle worms and occasionally act as cleaners.  Additionally, they will eat all types of prepared fish foods. 
Price is for a mated pair of shrimp.  The female is larger than the male. These are collected as a pair, they pick their own mate and are very bonded. They will regularly breed in your tank.