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I I028

Scarlet Hermit Crab

Paguristes cadenati
Size: 1/2-1 1/4 inches
Diet: Scavenger, mostly meaty items
Reef Safe: Yes
Best Use: Eats leftover food
Dr. Mac's Comments:
We have not had these in stock for a long time because they had all been imported from Haiti and have not been available for a long time. Now we have been able to get them direct from a diver in the Florida Keys and these are super healthy and hardy and simply gorgeous.
IF YOU WANT A GREAT ALGAE MOWER THAT IS REEF SAFE AND VERY COLORFUL, GET THESE!!! Scarlet hermit crabs are peaceful hermits that eat leftover food and some algae. They are excellent and colorful scavengers that do well in all marine aquariums. As with all hermit crabs, may attack snails for their shells if it requires a larger one and cannot find one. Be sure to provide with plenty of empty shells if stocking these animals.