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Sand Bed Saver

Sand Bed Saver Clean Up Crew Options:

 Tank Size 30 55 75-90 125 200
Nassarius Snails 15 25 40 50 75
Cerith Snails 15 25 40 50 65
Cucumber 1 1 2 3 4
This package is designed to give your sand bed a little TLC. These critters are sand bed specific and may not thrive in bare bottom tanks or those that use coarse substrates like gravel.
Remember when adding inverts to your system please follow our acclimation procedures carefully. Inverts are sensitive to water and temperature changes so proper acclimation will improve health and longevity of your inverts.
We try to keep all inverts in stock at all times however, at times substitutions will be made as needed due to seasonal availability.