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F A2430

Rainbow Patchwork Chalice

Size: 1.5 inches

This Rainbow Patchwork Chalice is "WYSIWYG" - What you see is what you get - so this one is yours!  This is grown on our farm and is a Dr. Mac Stash coral. We have a wide variety of corals all grown in our facility.

Chalice is a name hobbyists have used to describe several corals that grow into thin plates including Echinophyllia,  Mycedium, Oxypora, and Echinopora. These corals have a thin skin-like coral tissue over their wafer-like skeleton. 

Most Chalices are hardy and easy to keep. They do best under low to moderate lighting, approximately 100-150 PAR with enough water flow to keep detritus from accumulating on them. Prolonged detritus build up will kill part of their delicate coral tissue.

Chalices are available in a wide variety of colors and originate from many locations around the world. Since they are rapidly growing corals, there are many captive grown frags available. The most desirable, and most expensive, are the multicolored rainbow chalices. Many hobbyists love searching for and collecting the many amazing color combinations especially those with brightly colored rims and eyes of different colors. 

Chalices can grow very large and take over entire sections of a tank. It is critical to place them were they won't touch other corals and have enough space to grow. Since they don't require intense lighting they can be placed lower in the tank in areas where many other corals may not survive. 

Captive grown chalice frags are very forgiving of lighting and water quality and are a great addition to your display whether you are a beginner or seasoned hobbyist.