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WK S1301

My Reef Retreat - 13.5 Gallon Nano Tank Complete Reef Setup

My Reef Retreat

Great gift for a new or experienced reefer! Easy to set up and maintain and a great way to learn the hobby or set it up in your office and have a built in escape to the tropics during your stressful day at work.

How it Works:

First we send the dry side - Tank, Rock, Accessories and Sand

When you are ready for the livestock, contact us and we will send your selections of corals, fish and inverts.

Shipping is Included!

13.5 Gallon Fluval Marine Aquarium Kit
Your Choice of:
1 Tank Raised Dottyback
1 Tank Raised Goby 
1 Ocellaris Clownfish pair
5 Inverts (Pick from 2 Blue Legs or 2 Astrea Snails, Feather Duster, Peppermint Shrimp, Urchin, Cucumber, Serpent Starfish or Jumbo Nassarius Snail (selection can change as available)
11 Lbs. Real Reef Live Rock
8 Aquacultured Soft Corals (Pick from Star Polyps, Leathers, Palys, Zoanthids, Mushrooms, Zoanthids, and Orange or Green Ricordea florida}
1 50 Watt heater preset to 78 degrees
Filter sock with carbon
Salt Mix
1 Tube of Coral Glue
20 lbs of Live Sand