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RS IMGourDefrost

IM Gourmet Defroster Pro Magnetic Frozen Fish Food Feeder

Innovative Marine's Gourmet Defroster Pro Magnetic Frozen Fish Food Feeder

Just drop a cube and go, and let this 3-in-1, magnet-mounted defroster thaw, separate, and dispense frozen food all by itself! Its open/close pivoting design gives you an adjustable release setting that allows for portion control and the ability to regulate the amount of food that is released into your tank. This keeps more food in their mouths, and less in your filter.

With the Gourmet Defroster Pro's easy disassembly, it also doubles as a feeding ring for freeze-dried and larger floating frozen food. When combined with the Gourmet Grinder you can feed flake and pellet food adding variety and a balance of healthy nutrients! The Defroster's ring corrals the food in one place so the food doesn't drift all around your tank, which keeps your fish fed and your water crystal clear.


  • For Fresh and Saltwater Fish
  • Can be used for Frozen, Pellet, Flake or Freeze Dried Food.
  • Adjustable Release Settings
  • Reduces Waste and Maintains Water Quality
  • Magnetic Mounted
  • Feeding Ring Conversion
  • Corals Food in a Contained Area
  • Patent No. US 10,405,525 B2
  • Dims: 4" x 2.75" x 3.81"