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A M0705

Green tip Heteractis magnifica Purple Base - WYSIWYG

Green tip Heteractis magnifica Purple Base - WYSIWYG

Size: Approx. 8 inches

Heteractis magnifica anemones, previously called Ritteri, are the natural hosts for Ocellaris and Percula clownfish and all their variants. Clownfish will become tightly bonded with magnificas.

Heteractis magnifica anemones will attach to rock and require intense lighting and lots of random flow. Daily feeding is recommended with the same pellet food we feed our tank raised Clownfish.
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Multiple magnifica anemones can be kept in the same tank and will congregate together. It is critical that powerheads are covered with anemone safe guards because magnifica like lots of flow and can migrate toward a flow source and will be destroyed by unprotected powerheads.

Magnificas are hardy and beautiful animals when provided proper care.