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I 1007

Sea Cucumber Reef Tank Mops

Holothuria floridana & others

Size: Approx 1-3 
Sediment, diatoms, microaglae and bacteria
specimens can vary in coloration from yellow to brown or black in color with varying patterns
Best Use:
Sand bed cleaning

Dr. Mac's Comments:
Cucumbers are good for mopping up the top of sand beds. They are easy to keep and do well in reef aquariums with a sand bed and these common Caribbean varieties do not pose any threat. Interestingly, an unexpected fish hitchhiker may occasionally be present on your cucumber. They are commensal hosts to the Pearlfish, which normally live inside the cucumber for protection and only occasionally emerge and are of no negative consequence to your tank. Despite a common misconception, these cucumbers are a valuable addition to your tank and will not wipe out your tank should they die--that is true of the more colorful Sea Apple type cucumbers an animal we do not sell and do not recommend for your tank!

Cucumber size, coloration and patterns vary, each is different.