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Peppermint Shrimp--Scavengers & Aiptasia Eaters

Lysmata wurdemanni
Size:1/2 to 1 1/2inches
Diet: Scavengers that also devour pest Aiptasia anemones 
Reef Safe:Yes
Best Use: Aiptasia control and Scavenging

Dr. Mac's Comments:
Peppermint shrimps are excellent scavengers for reef aquariums and are also known to eat the pest anemone Aiptasia. With heavy infestations of Aiptasia many Peppermint shrimp may be needed for eradication, but within a few weeks they will devour all the Aiptastia. We recommend keeping several in every reef aquarium, they will not harm any other inhabitants and are great scavengers and an interesting addition.  Somewhat reclusive, they may not be seen a great deal after addition to the tank but rest assured they are on patrol for pest Aiptasia!