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I 1010

Bubble Algae Eater Emerald Crab

Mithrax spp.
Size: 1/2-2 inches
Diet: Assorted algae including bubble algae, also excellent scavengers
Reef Safe:Yes
Best Use:Bubble algae control, excellent for all algae control especially good for really difficult or excessive algae clean up and control
Dr. Mac's Comments:
Emerald crabs are excellent aquarium scavengers and algae eaters. They will eat leftover food and most types of algae and do a great cleaning up really excessive algae outbreaks. They are most often used to control hair and bubble algae, being one of the few animals that will eat bubble algae.  

The most common stocking density for algae control is about 1-2 for every 20-40 gallons. As with all crabs, they may become aggressive if hungry, take care not to overstock.

Please note: Despite their "Emerald" name both green and red Mithrax species are collected and shipped to us. You may receive either or both depending on current availability.