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Small & Large Coral Colonies for Sale

Aquascape your reef aquarium with a coral colony from Pacific East Aquaculture! Create a realistic coral reef with our unique and colorful LPS, SPS and soft corals. Ranging from easy to advanced care, we carry a large selection of coral colonies for every experience level! Browse our selection of coral colonies for sale now. We offer all types of coral colonies for sale including Trachyphyllia, Acanthophyllia, Cynarina, Leather corals, Blastommusa, Indophyllia, Pectinia, Mushroom corals, Clove polyps, Zoanthids, Lobophyllia, and more corals for sale at our aquaculture facility!

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Transform Your Tank WIth Our Diverse Coral Colonies for Sale

For many aquarists, the allure of a reef tank lies in the vibrant and diverse world of corals that inhabit them. While coral frags offer a great starting point for beginners eager to nurture and grow their coral ecosystems, there comes a time when the allure of small or large coral colonies becomes irresistible. Whether you're a seasoned aquarist or a newcomer ready to plunge into more ambitious waters, our selection of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) coral colonies for sale caters to every level of dedication and expertise.

But before you add one of our WYSIWYG coral colonies to your tank, you must arm yourself with knowledge and prepare adequately. Ensuring you have the right conditions and capabilities to care for small or large coral colonies is paramount. Research, understanding and a commitment to the well-being of your reef tank's newest additions are the foundation of successful coral care. Our team is here to assist, offering advice and insights to help you make an informed decision, ensuring that your foray into the world of coral colonies is as rewarding as it is beautiful.

Mastering the Art of Coral Colony Care

Caring for coral colonies is both rewarding and nuanced. While it shares many foundational principles with the nurturing of coral frags, the care for coral colonies introduces a broader scope of considerations due to their larger initial size and potential for substantial growth. At Pacific East Aquaculture, each coral colony for sale from our facility has its own unique care requirements based on its species, ensuring that aquarists can find the perfect match for their reef tank environments.

Space to Thrive: Ensuring Adequate Tank Size

One of the first steps in coral colony care is to ensure your aquarium has ample space to accommodate their growth. Unlike smaller coral frags, coral colonies arrive with a significant presence and continue to expand, necessitating a spacious environment for them to flourish. An adequately sized tank is crucial for their health and prosperity, allowing them to become the centerpiece of your aquatic ecosystem.

Tailored Care for Each Unique Colony

The beauty of coral colonies lies in their diversity, and with that comes variability in care requirements. Key aspects such as aggressiveness towards other corals, optimal lighting conditions, water flow, placement within the tank and maintaining pristine water quality are all critical factors that vary significantly from one coral species to another. When selecting from our WYSIWYG small and large coral colonies for sale, it's essential to extensively research the specific needs of each type, ensuring that you can provide the ideal conditions for your new coral to thrive.

Create a Harmonious Underwater Landscape

Your reef tank is a complex ecosystem, teeming with a diverse array of life beyond just your new coral colony. It's essential to recognize that coral colonies are not merely decorative elements; they are living, breathing ecosystems that play a crucial role in the ecological balance of your aquarium. You can ensure a harmonious environment by selecting coral colonies compatible with your tank's other inhabitants, like saltwater clams, fish and inverts. These additions offer vital shelter and comfort, creating a more natural and inviting habitat for all.

Get a Closer Look at Our Coral Colonies for Sale

Want a closer look at some of the coral colonies we keep in our facility? Check out this short video to get a glimpse into the exceptional quality and diversity of our coral colonies.

Frequently Asked Questions: Coral Colonies

If you have questions or simply would like to learn more about coral colonies, check out our most commonly asked questions below.

How Do I Acclimate My New Coral Colony to My Tank?

Acclimating your new coral colony to your tank is vital to ensure its health and success. Start by gradually introducing the coral to your tank's lighting and water conditions over several hours. This can involve floating the sealed bag in your tank to match the temperature, then slowly adding small amounts of tank water to the bag at intervals to adjust the coral to your water chemistry.

How Fast Do Coral Colonies Grow?

The growth rate of coral colonies varies widely among species and is influenced by factors such as lighting, water flow, and nutrient availability. Some corals grow relatively quickly, adding several centimeters per year, while others grow more slowly. Providing optimal conditions for your specific coral species is key to promoting healthy growth.

Can I Place Different Types of Coral Colonies Close Together?

While some coral colonies can coexist peacefully in the same tank, many species will compete for space and resources, potentially harming one another. It's important to research each coral species' aggressiveness and territorial needs. Generally, allowing ample space between different colonies and observing their interactions over time is recommended.

Shop Coral Colonies for Sale at Pacific East Aquaculture Today

For over two decades, Pacific East Aquaculture has proudly maintained its status as a state-certified and licensed coral aquaculture facility. At the heart of our operation is Dr. Mac, a retired board-certified veterinary pathologist with over 45 years of experience. Under his supervision, each of the coral colonies for sale from our facility benefits from an unmatched level of care and expertise. We've also perfected our packing and shipping techniques to ensure our coral colonies are delivered in the safest and most efficient way possible. From large coral colonies that make a statement to more nuanced species that add diversity and color to your tank, our WYSIWYG coral colonies provide a transparent, trustworthy buying experience. Shop our entire selection today.