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Small & Large Coral Colonies for Sale

Aquascape your reef aquarium with a coral colony from Pacific East Aquaculture! Create a realistic coral reef with our unique and colorful LPS, SPS and soft corals. Ranging from easy to advanced care, we carry a large selection of coral colonies for every experience level! Browse our selection of coral colonies for sale now. We offer all types of coral colonies for sale including Trachyphyllia, Acanthophyllia, Cynarina, Leather corals, Blastommusa, Indophyllia, Pectinia, Mushroom corals, Clove polyps, Zoanthids, Lobophyllia, and more corals for sale at our aquaculture facility!

Decorate your tank with our beautiful coral colonies for sale. These small and large coral colonies for sale make great homes for many aquatic organisms. You can create a realistic coral reef with our LPS, Soft, and SPS coral colonies. Choose from our Unique Sunshine Cynarina, Bicolor Carpet Lobophyllia, or UFO Scolymia Australis. Buy large coral colonies and small coral colonies from Pacific East Aquaculture.

Many reef tank enthusiasts get into the hobby specifically for corals. Still, newcomers may be wary of purchasing large coral colonies, preferring to acquire a coral frag that they can begin growing themselves. If you've been in the coral game long enough and know you have what it takes to ensure proper care of large coral colonies, our exquisite WYSIWYG coral colonies are perfect for you. That's not to say we don't allow newcomers to purchase our coral colonies — all levels of reef tank hobbyists are welcome to our selection — but knowing you have the capabilities to take care of your brand new coral colony makes a world of difference. Coral colonies can help create a balance in any reef tank, making your tank's inhabitants feel more at home in their environment and providing you with large, colorful, exotic coral landscapes. Before you purchase one of our WYSIWYG coral colonies, ensure you've done the proper research and have the capabilities to take adequate care of your tank's newest inhabitants.

How to Care for Coral Colonies

Caring for coral colonies is similar to caring for coral frags, only on a slightly larger scale. A noticeable difference in care from coral frags is the size difference between the two. Coral colonies already come at a much larger size than a frag and will grow even more prominent with time. Be sure you have an adequately sized tank for your coral colony to grow and prosper. At Pacific East Aquaculture, we offer a vast array of coral colonies, each one different from the other in terms of care. Quick tips for proper coral colony care involve researching aggressiveness, proper lighting conditions, water flow requirements, tank placement and, of course, water quality. Each of these five requirements changes from coral to coral, so ensure you do your research when browsing our WYSIWYG coral colonies for sale. Luckily, reef tank enthusiasts love to talk about their coral colonies and give others tips, so research should be quite simple!

Why Buy Coral Colonies from Pacific East Aquaculture?

Since the year 2000, Pacific East Aquaculture has been a state-certified and licensed coral aquaculture facility. Growing coral colonies and providing reef tank enthusiasts with quality specimens and superior customer service is our passion. Each of our coral colonies receives a level of care unmatched in the industry, supervised by Dr. Mac, a retired board-certified veterinary pathologist with more than 45 years of experience in the field. We're confident in our ability to provide all reef enthusiasts with quality coral colonies we know you'll love.