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AA F0920

Limeade Acropora

Size: Approximately 1 inch

This Limeade Acropora is"WYSIWYG" - What you see is what you get - so this one is yours!  This is cut from one of our mother colonies that we propagate. Acropora corals need intense lighting, preferably more blue than white, and lots of random flow. Natural saltwater level parameters are required: Specific gravity 1.026-1.028. Alkalinity 7.5-8.5, calcium 400-450, magnesium 1300+. Trace elements are critical for best coloration and growth and should be monitored monthly via ICP testing.

For all of the Blue LED light lovers these are shot at night under all Blue LED.

PLEASE NOTE: if you use a different lighting spectrum the color will appear different from our photo!