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F JL0402

Ultra Acan lordhowensis

Size: 1.25 inch

This Ultra Acan lordhowensis is  "WYSIWYG" - What you see is what you get - so this one is yours!  We have a wide variety of corals for sale all grown in our facility.

Acanthestrea lordhowensis, also known as Acans are also sometimes referred to as Micromussa. Acans often come from Australia, although more interesting colors are seen in Acans from Southeast Asia.

Acans prefer lower light and enough flow to prevent detritus from settling on the polyps. Feeding is best accomplished with freshly hatched live baby brine shrimp. Dry foods can be used, but since it can be difficult to get the food directly on each polyp the leftover dry foods will cause an increase in phosphates. Acans are found in nature in deeper muddy water and do best lower in most tanks.

Acans have some amazing color combinations and many hobbyists like to put different color frags together to form Acan gardens. Acans are very easy to keep and appropriate for most reef aquariums. They reproduce by forming small buds of new polyps at the base. When mounting new frags leave enough room around the base so that new polyps can grow.