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Hippocampus erectus Seahorse

Bred and raised at our local seahorse hatchery. These Captive Bred Seahorses are full of personality and are trained to eat frozen mysis shrimp exclusively. Our seahorses do best in pairs or groups as they are very social fish.
General Care  
  • A 30 gallon minimum aquarium is best for two of our seahorses. An additional 15 gallons is recommended for every additional pair.  
  • Temperature range:70-72F (74 F Max!).
  • Need to be fed frozen Mysis shrimp twice daily.
  • Can be kept with most soft corals, Gorgonians, and Sponges.
Contact us via email or give us a call at 877-887-5224 with any questions regarding seahorse care and compatible tank-mates. We are happy to help!