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Find reef safe inverts for sale online at Pacific East Aquaculture. Our saltwater invertebrates act as a “clean up crew”, eliminating excessive build up of algae, uneaten food and waste in your reef tank. The reef tank inverts we sell are purposely chosen to be a welcomed addition to your saltwater ecosystem. Our marine inverts for sale are some of the easiest to care for and are a perfect choice for beginner reef keepers looking to learn how to properly care for reef aquariums. Browse our selection of saltwater invertebrates now! We offer Astrea snails for sale, Sea Hare for sale, Cleaner shrimp for sale, hermit crabs for sale, Turbo snails for sale, Peppermint shrimp for sale, and other inverts for sale. Use our reef cleaners to control hair algae, bubble algae, Aiptasia, and other reef aquarium pests! 

Checkout our selection of saltwater inverts for sale. Aquatic reef inverts, also known as invertebrates are unique creatures found in inland waters. We offer reef inverts including Sand Sifting Starfish, Red Feather Dusters, and Mosaic Fromia Starfish. Order saltwater inverts today with Pacific East Aquaculture.

Suppose you've begun to notice an excess buildup of algae, waste and uneaten food in your saltwater reef tank. In that case, it may be time to check out the marine inverts for sale at Pacific East Aquaculture. Saltwater inverts are amazing little creatures that come in a wide variety of species; some are perfect for their desirable aesthetic appearances, while others act as the tank cleanup crew, walking your tank day and night to keep it as clean as possible without disturbing coral, fish and other life. While some inverts in the wild can cause damage to other life forms, each marine invert sold by Pacific East Aquaculture is guaranteed to be a perfect addition. Most saltwater inverts are some of the easiest creatures to take care of in a reef tank and can be quite forgiving of your tank's conditions, but that doesn't mean you can neglect their care. Each of these beautiful creatures is different and requires the proper knowledge to maintain their health so they can ensure the health of your tank.

Common Species of Saltwater Inverts for Sale at Pacific East Aquaculture

The marine inverts for sale at Pacific East Aquaculture are offered in various species, and within those species, different types are available depending on your needs and desired use. This section will provide a quick overview of the most common species available in our shop and their typical desired uses within a saltwater aquarium.

Feather Dusters

Feather dusters (also known as fan worms) are some of the most interesting marine inverts. Not only do they add a colorful splash to any reef tank, but they are also very efficient filter feeders. They thrive in reef aquariums and do not bother other inhabitants such as coral. Their colorful and strange appearance makes for an attractive addition to your tank.


All varieties of crabs we offer are reef-safe scavengers that thrive best when eating leftover food. They are considered invaluable to any tank by consuming undesirable hair, bubble algae and detritus. Crabs are also some of the most easily pleased saltwater inverts to keep in a tank and generally will thrive as long as there’s enough food for them to scavenge, though you can always supplement their diet with nori if they’ve been doing too good of a job cleaning your tank. Water conditions and lighting don’t seem to phase crabs as much as some inverts. Emerald crabs are great for bubble algae control while hermit crabs eat algae and leftover food.


There are plenty of herbivorous snails offered by Pacific East Aquaculture that make great additions to your aquarium. Snails are natural-born algae grazers and can take care of any algae problem, no matter how big. One of the top benefits of adding snails to your reef aquarium is their ability to eat algae. This makes snails the perfect cleaners for your tank but be sure to drip acclimate because all inverts are sensitive to water chemistry and salinity changes. We recommend a steady drip for 45-60 minutes.


All species of shrimp inverts offered by Pacific East Aquaculture are reef-safe and experts at getting along with other reef inhabitants. They are scavenger-type marine inverts and will eat large quantities of uneaten foods and excess waste. Some species even thrive on eating parasites, making them invaluable additions to maintain the health of your tank. Shrimp are exciting and colorful little creatures, and what separates them from other inverts is their need to shed their skin periodically. Shedding means that sometimes you won’t see them at times, as they hide while their new exoskeleton is hardening. As with most inverts, they don’t require much maintenance other than decent water quality. If you can provide consistent saltwater parameters, you should have no trouble keeping your reef aquarium shrimp healthy and free of problems.

Acclimate Your Marine Inverts!

While saltwater marine inverts are generally some of the most accessible creatures to take care of in your reef tank, you must never forget to acclimate them before adding them to your tank to ensure they remain healthy. Marine inverts are sensitive to changes in salinity and water chemistry. When adding them to your aquarium, you must do a slow drip acclimation, some for longer than others. When purchasing saltwater inverts for sale from Pacific East Aquaculture, always ensure you know the proper acclimation process to keep your inverts healthy and cleaning your tank.